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From eBay junk to JTAG on a gigantic FPGA board

Rust on Risc-V (VexRiscv) on SpinalHDL with SymbiFlow on the Hackaday Supercon Badge

Interview with David Galloway - Retro game dev, Game Boy dev and more!

STM32L0 Rust Part 1 - Getting Started

Desert Rust slides: crate organization

Gameslab schematic

Gameslab case in detail

Fried by design and fried by accident

Gameslab project overview

A large BGA, DDR3, & impedance control on a 6-layer PCB

Zynq Bare-Metal Blinky

FPGA Game Boy Part 5: Direct & indirect load instructions

FPGA Game Boy Part 4: Loading immediate values and halting the CPU

FPGA Game Boy Part 3: ALU and some microcode

FPGA Game Boy Part 2: CPU Scaffolding and test bench

FPGA Game Boy Part 1: SpinalHDL and Z80-ish T-Cycles

Reverse engineering away an annoying pop-up

Atlys FPGA reset shenanigans

Gameslab high-level design

Basic IBIS simulation with eispice

Gameslab first steps

Looking back at Gamesphere

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