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« Gameslab schematic Fried by design and fried by accident »

Gameslab case in detail

The Gameslab case is made of three custom-machine aluminum plates and held together by only four screws. Notice there aren’t any screw holes showing on the front.


  • Manufactured by Front Panel Express
  • I saw that they were used by audiophiles for custom audio gear amongst other things
  • The front face is anodized and brushed
  • The front has no screw holes
  • Held together by four M4 screws
  • Bought a kit of M2 and M3 screws off of Amazon
  • The front has beveled and rounded edges and beveled thumbstick holes
  • The back plate is anodized but not brushed
  • The middle plate acts as a heat spreader for the Zynq and also seperates the battery from everything else
  • The battery is a giant 10 amp-hour type used for USB charging bricks
  • The battery is attached to the back plate with some sticky tape to keep it from sliding around
  • The middle plate is thermally coupled to the Zynq with some thermal compound sheets
  • The LCD is connected to the board with a flat-flex into a zero-insertion force connector
  • The connectors with the part that flips up are much better than the push-in type
  • The LCD is attached to the front-panel with some double-sided, very thin, tape

« Gameslab schematic Fried by design and fried by accident »

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